Dream Jobs and Chaos-How to Cope

One my beta testers for the book loved all of the advice in the book–but then had an incredibly difficult time to implement what was in the book because the dream job turned out to be a chaotic nightmare (http://www NULL.curemyanxiety NULL.com/Job-Anxiety-and-Work-Stress NULL.htm). Still a great job, but nothing you would expect out of a […]

Overwhelmed and out of control in your dream job

(http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/mvjantzen/3469233785/) Yippie! (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/mvjantzen/3469233785/) by M.V. Jantzen (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/mvjantzen/) Want a little bit of out of control in your life? How about some information overload? You get that in spades when you first start out in your dream job. It makes sense, of course. You are in a new job, often […]

Dream Jobs Require Leadership

(http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/uggboy/4405805408/) Wonderful Dublin, fine impression of the capital of Ireland, taken in early 2010, with love and so much more…:) (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/uggboy/4405805408/) by UggBoy ( have fun doing it ) (http://www NULL.flickr NULL.com/photos/uggboy/) How long has it been since you started a dream job? If you are a grizzly old veteran of […]