“I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” concentrates on successfully navigating the first 30 days of a new job, whether that job is in your current or a new company.

The subjects on the site include working with your manager, coworkers, stakeholders and customers. Plus a focus on what needs doing outside of the tasks assigned to you by your manager to succeed in the job.

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Short Bio:

Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What??? (http://dreamjobnowwhat” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. (http://cuberules provides online career management training for workers who typically work in a corporate cubicle. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.

His corporate career has included assignments in sales, product design, project management, process engineering, workforce optimization and customer support. He has implemented individual products for customers and enterprise-wide customer relationship management systems. He has successfully managed groups of four to twenty-two people.

In 2005, Scot started sharing these hard lessons in what became, a site devoted to Career Management for knowledge workers, whom he calls Cubicle Warriors.

See the complete Scot Herrick (http://scotherrick career profile.

Media Citations:

Ninja Job Titles on Resumes Fail

The first of my series of articles for (http://career-resources NULL.dice This one is about job titles and getting the interview (http://career-resources NULL.dice

What you won’t learn in business school: 100 cutting edge blogs

No, they don’t teach you a lot about jobs in business schools (http://www NULL.universityreviewsonline’t-learn-in-bschool-100-cutting-edge-blogs NULL.html).

Boomers Next Step

I was interviewed (http://boomersnextstep about Cube Rules and to provide some advice for people looking for work.

Launch Summit speaker

Featured speaker at the Launch Summit (http://www NULL.launchsummit on how to be successful when starting a new job in your current company or with a different company within the first 30-days.


Advice to Focus on an Interviewer’s Problems (http://news NULL.efinancialcareers to help determine what you can do to solve current team challenges.

Top Career Site to Read

In 100+ Career Blogs ALL Professionals MUST Read (http://www NULL.careerrocketeer NULL.html)

Job expert to follow on Twitter

Career Rocketeer (http://www NULL.careerrocketeer cited myself and this site as one of the “150+ Experts on Twitter EVERY Job Seeker MUST Follow (http://www NULL.careerrocketeer NULL.html).”

Flexible Work Summit

This teleseminar featured calls over four days addressing how flexible work can be constructed and used to increase productivity. My portion, Strategies for Stretching HOW You Work (http://workstyledesign, was about using SMART goals to focus on results. By focusing on results, we help flexible work environments thrive for both the employer and the employee.

Joe and Wanda on Management

This is a 10-minute podcast on how to Set SMARTer Goals (http://begoodventures to further boost productivity on the Joe and Wanda on Management (http://begoodventures web site.


Interviewed on if delaying foreclosures would help people. The article:

2 Banks Putting Foreclosures on Hold (http://www NULL.kirotv NULL.html)

Upwardly Mobile: UpMo

Interviewed on the importance of networking in promoting your career. The article: Earn More Through Networking (http://www NULL.upmo

The Virginian-Pilot

Quoted for a Sunday business article on “Laid off in the sinking economy? Here’s some help (http://hamptonroads”

CBS News (local and national)

When Washington Mutual was in severe trouble in October, 2008, I was interviewed by the local CBS Affiliate, KIRO TV, the evening Washington Mutual was purchased by JPMorgan Chase. There is a local video (http://www NULL.kirotv NULL.html) of the story, the on-line print version (http://www NULL.kirotv NULL.html), and the national portion (http://www NULL.cbsnews of the story.

Associated Press

Since I used to work for and was laid off by Washington Mutual in January, 2008, I was interviewed for how the layoff was affecting us. Since we were well prepared for the layoff, it wasn’t your typical interview. And, “if it doesn’t bleed, don’t lead,” my portion was at the end of a very long story (http://www NULL.komonews NULL.html).

Epic Living Hour Interview on Career Management

I had the great privilege of being interviewed by Eric Pennington of the Epic Living Hour. Eric asked some great questions about career management for those working in cubes, so take a listen (http://www NULL.blogtalkradio

My interview starts at 10-minutes into the hour. It was a lot of fun and I hope Eric’s listeners learned a lot from the interview.

Speaker at Help Desk Northwest

This group (http://www NULL.hdnw, dedicated to sharing ideas for customer service, asked Scot to speak on a critical business subject for today: doing more with less. While oriented to the help desk environment, the 7 Strategies for Doing More With Less (http://www NULL.hthts NULL.pdf) is an appropriate theme for most departments.

Cube Rules Noted in Online Journal of Accountancy

Cube Rules: Career Management for Cubicle Warriors site was cited in the Smart Stops On the Web (http://www NULL.aicpa NULL.htm) in the December online issue of the Journal of Accountancy (http://www NULL.journalofaccountancy Here was the notation:

Getting lost in a cubicle corporation? Use Scot Herrick’s site to launch your career over the partitioned wall. Click the “Career Management Resources” link for articles on leadership, interviewing and working with management, or read the “30 Career Management Tips” series, which includes “Know Why You Work Where You Work,” “Network Through Change,” and “Watch What People Do, Not What They Say.” The site also features links to dozens of career management and productivity Web sites.

Write on the Sound

Write on The Sound (http://www NULL.edmonds NULL.wa NULL.stm) is a conference for writers. I did a presentation on Technology for Writers on how technology can help market a writer’s work.

Story Possibilities:

  • It isn’t just resumes
  • How to build job skills in tough times
  • Preparing for a layoff
  • Dealing with a layoff
  • How to decide to stay or leave a position
  • How company strategy can kill your career
  • Why finances are critical to your career
  • Why balance isn’t about life