I've Landed My Dream Job — Now What???

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Welcome to the home of ‘I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What???‘, a book and now a web site about helping you succeed in your new dream job in the first 30 days.

The first 30 days of a new job is critical. It is in this time frame where you learn whether or not your boss will be a good one or a pain to your career. It is now when you find out if your coworkers are great or difficult to get along with. It is now when you can discover if this new gig is right for you or leading you into a dream job nightmare.

The importance of nailing your first 30 days in your dream job

No one should miss that these are incredibly tough times for job seekers. Hiring managers have large, disproportionate advantages when securing talent (you!) to help them reach their goals. And managers are twitchy — they need people to help them reach their business goals or quickly find someone else who can.

It’s a short leash you are on, so to speak. If you can’t mesh with your coworkers and manager, find your stakeholders and delight the customers of your work, you’ll quickly find yourself in difficult positions.

The importance of your dream job giving you satisfaction with your work

Just as important is ensuring your new dream job will provide you with satisfying work. It is important not to discount this aspect of your new job — if your work isn’t satisfying because the great manager during the interview turns out to be the nightmare micromanager you would hate to have — your work performance will suffer. That can lead to poor results, lousy performance reviews and a greater risk of layoff. Just what you wanted from your dream job, right?

The future

Work has changed. One can argue for better or worse, but the truth is we all will have many different jobs in our career. Now, however, starting that new job is more fraught with risk then ever before.

The purpose of the book, this site, and the other products here is to reduce that risk for you. Get rid of that fear in your stomach when you find out that the dream job you took is looking like a nightmare. And help you have even greater success when you find that the job you took really was your dream job.