Dream Job Coaching

There are many job coaches out there. Many are focused on being a job coach for building your resume. Others are focused on job coaching for your job search. All of that makes sense and I can help with that as well.

But few job coaches are laser focused on helping you succeed in your current job — or help you decide if it is time to begin a new job search. Yet succeeding in your current job provides you the best opportunity to continue succeeding in your career.

Your job has the same components as ‘I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What???

Your Dream Job Baseline

Every job, starting with today, is a new baseline for your work. What is true about your work changes over time. The problem is we don’t write down what is true today about our work and then compare it to a later date for what is true about our work and then compare the two to see changes.

Dream Job Coaching does this. We can work together to determine what is true about your job today — what you like about it, what you don’t — and determine a plan to see changes in your work.

Your Dream Job Manager

Every person on the job has a manager. Even the CEO has a Board of Directors that is supposed to challenge and help the CEO run the company. Every person, including managers, has a varying degree of adaptability in working with their manager.

Yet, the great manager you started with has been replaced by a new manager. This happens all the time. And their managers change. All the time. In my entire career, I’ve had the same manager for two consecutive performance reviews only once. And, trust me, it’s not a short career either.

Managers are the primary reason people leave their jobs and go find new ones. Wouldn’t you want to know how your manager will manage and what that means for your success?

Your Dream Job Coworkers

Who you started with on your team rarely stays the same. Instead, corporate reorganizations transform teams, often with multiple reorganizations in a single year. Struggles with your new team is nothing new — but a dangerous time where everyone needs to understand the team dynamics and what they mean to your job success.

Your Dream Job Stakeholders and Customers

Most people take customers as a given and don’t even know who stakeholders are. But stakeholders and customers are a central defense to preserving a great job. Plus, stakeholders and customers are a great way to build your business network outside of the confines of your manager and team. Making sure your stakeholders and customers are on your side gives you a great amount of protection when your manager tries an end run with your career.

My Story

Look, I’ve been an individual contributor and a manager for a career that’s over 30 years long. I’ve seen — and done — layoffs. I’ve seen — and done — hiring. I’ve coached my employees on how to establish and negotiate their SMART Goals for their work, plus build their performance reviews to get the best possible, and accurate, performance review rating.

Plus, the part that everyone forgets is that business, at its heart, is social. People are happy in their work, or depressed, or want something different and hundreds of other attitudes that all affect your work. Project management work is often characterized as not so much technical as it is herding cats. The workplace is political in that there are limited resources with unlimited opinions on how to best get something done.

I’ve been a project manager, either as an individual contributor or a manager of projects, most of my working career. I like herding cats. I get the boiling pot of emotions that engulf the workplace and have figured out how to steer around and through many of the bottlenecks and frustrations of the workplace.

It’s not safe to talk

Unfortunately, talking about your problems, frustrations and disappointments to your manager or coworkers — even friends — can be a disaster. People talk and your frustration moment can turn into a job that is all of a sudden going south and your income stream right along with it.

You need someone to talk with who has an objective opinion. Well…no, strike that. You need to talk with someone who is on your side and wants you to win. Someone who can give you straightforward advice and give you options to help you succeed.

Someone like me.

Live, in-person, phone conversations about your work

The best help I can offer you, which has the biggest impact and makes a real difference in your life, is to help you with work strategies and tactics by talking with you, answering your questions, and giving you actionable, specific help with your work–and how you can reach your personal work goals. That’s dream job coaching.

Experience Breakthrough Moments

There are these moments when clients and I speak together on the phone when they finally understand something vital about their work that had been eluding them. There’s just something about working live with another person as you both examine your work and talk strategy—it creates breakthroughs.

You can ask me any question, you can be at any stage in your career, from just starting out to an advanced career. We can talk about anything from how to deal with your manager and coworkers to how to improve your employability and anything in between. Strategy stuff, technical stuff; it’s all good. Think of what your most burning question is about your work: ask me that.

Here’s how it works

  1. You click the button below for either a single session or for multiple sessions.
  2. In the secure PayPal form which follows, you ask your question or tell me what you want to know, and pay for your spot in my schedule.
  3. I write you back and we set up a time for us to talk. My hours for calls are weeknights from 7 PM to 9 PM Central Time.
  4. When that time comes, we do our thing and we rock it and you come away from it brimming with answers, ideas, know-how, and next steps.
  5. Return to step 1 and repeat as necessary.

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