In our shifting economy, landing a job –- any job –- is a big deal. So if you land your dream job, you may find yourself so pleased and satisfied with your achievement that you think you’re done. But, as Scot Herrick points out in ‘I’ve Landed My Dream Job–-Now What???‘ today –- more than ever before –- you need to hit the ground running on day one of your new position.

Given current economics, having a new employee get productive super fast is a huge advantage not only for the employee’s manager but for the employee too. This can make the first 30 days at a new dream job intense and filled with anxiety because virtually everything is new –- corporate culture, team dynamics, management styles, and more. It is difficult for you, as a new hire, to nail down what you know, who to ask, and which of your skills are most valued by your new organization.

Scot Herrick’s purpose in writing this book is to help people like you, who have just landed a job at a large or small corporation, to get started on the right foot. Beginning with the often-overlooked basics, Scot shows you how to manage the transition from your old job, to evaluate the fit between your new workplace and yourself, to identify the real decision makers, to integrate into your new team’s culture and, most important, to determine which aspects of your new role are most meaningful to your manager, and therefore most closely linked to your job security and paycheck.

‘I’ve Landed My Dream Job–-Now What???‘ is designed to be your constant companion during the first thirty days at your new job. It will help you think through what you’re going to accomplish and how to measure your accomplishments, right from day 1 all the way to day 30. Weekly tasks and action items make sure you are on track and end-of-week reviews help you assess how closely you are meeting your goals. With Scot Herrick’s book at your side, you can be sure to survive and thrive in your new cubicle.

The Author

Scot Herrick, founder and owner of Cube Rules, LLC, provides online career management training for Cubicle Warriors, his catchy term for today’s knowledge workers. He helps people land jobs, succeed in their jobs and have a successful career.

Scot has a long history of managerial and individual contribution in Fortune 100 corporations.

His corporate career has included assignments in sales, product design, project management, process engineering, workforce optimization and customer support. He has implemented individual products for customers and enterprise-wide customer relationship management systems. He has successfully managed groups of four to twenty-two people.

At CubeRules.com (http://cuberules NULL.com), Scot shares his wisdom and experience to provide career management guidance for all cubicle warriors, to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

The Book

You know this to be true: if you are a big company senior level manager or CEO, you can get (and afford) plenty of help in succeeding in your new position. Consultants focus on executives and find every way they can to support them in their new position.

People who work in cubicles? Not so much.

I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What??? focuses on what needs to happen during the first 30 days of work to help you succeed in your new position. And, to be fair, CEO’s could learn a thing or two from the book as well. Seriously.

My story

I’ve been in the job market a long time. During that time I’ve seen tremendous downsizing, incredible change and what I call the “5% unemployment rate and 75% corporate churn” nail hundreds of employees. Of course, now the unemployment rate is closer to 10% which means the corporate churn is even higher.

During my time on the job market, I averaged a new manager (not necessarily a new job) every 18 months. In all of my time in the workforce, I’ve only had one manager give me my performance review two years in a row. One.

When I went into management, I was continually surprised at how passive new people were about succeeding. It was if they were so happy — or relieved — to be in a new position that they didn’t realize the really hard work was now at hand. That didn’t have many consequences not so long ago. But being passive about your work after you get a new position in your current company or new company is now high risk.

That’s why I wanted to write this book: to give people a way to plan and evaluate their new job to give them immediate success and feedback about their work.

There are reasons for this need.

The job market has total volatility

This job market is like no other since the Great Depression. The problem is that the reduced levels of hiring isn’t going to go away any time soon. Just to get back to employment levels just before the Great Recession, it will take some eight million jobs to get to even. That doesn’t include population growth where new people entering the job market start to look for work; that’s just to get even.

If you want to get back to even by 2015, that means you need to create about 135,000 jobs a month for 60 months. We haven’t created any jobs so far in 2010, much less 135,000 jobs per month.

That means lots of churn — and the need to hit the ground running as soon as you get a new position. There are simply too many qualified people looking for work for you to sit on your excitement on getting your new gig.

It takes too long to find a job

Here’s the deal: job satisfaction is a two-way street. Contrary to all the serious pundits who look down their nose at the poor little people working in cubes, your work isn’t just about being lucky enough to have a job.

The truth of the matter is that if you are in a position that isn’t right for you, you perform poorly. If the social aspects of your work — getting along with your manager and coworkers — isn’t working out, you won’t perform well.

People who don’t perform well have fewer results to show potential hiring managers, get lower performance review ratings that hurt their income, and have a higher probability of getting laid off.

And then it takes even longer to find another position, much less a dream job. That worked out nice, didn’t it?

Consequently, I spend a lot of time in I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What??? focused on ensuring that the position is also right for you. You need to know early on whether this dream job is going to work out, before all the bad things that can happen in a bad job start happening to you. The earlier you know if the position will work for you — or not — the earlier you can take steps to prevent worse actions from happening and get the job right. Or the earlier you will know if the position will work out at all and you can start a new search.

It is time for people to take charge of their work. I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What??? sets out a plan, actionable tasks, and a review process that will help ensure your success in your new dream job and the dream job being successful for you. Or not. People always forget that second part until it is too late.

Following the actions in the book will significantly increase your chances of succeeding in your new dream job and swatting away many of the problems that come up early in a new position. You want your work reputation to be the best, integrate yourself with your manager and coworkers, and find satisfaction in the work.

I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What??? will help you do that.


Many people think that once they land a new job the heavy lifting is done. Not true! Once you land a new job, the real work of managing your career begins. In “I’ve Landed My Dream Job…Now What??? Scot teaches readers how to set and manage goals in a new position and how to communicate effectively to optimize critical business relationships.

Readers at every professional level and every phase of their career can benefit from this book…not only when they land a new job, but throughout the lifespan of that job and beyond.

Barbara Safani

Career Solvers
Finding the Path That’s Right for You


I really admire the pragmatism that Scot Herrick has brought to “I’ve Landed My Dream Job – Now What?”. In the process of deconstructing some of the potential challenges and pitfalls that can make or break the first 30 days of a new role, he gives people real tools and tips to enable them to work on their own terms from day one. For those New Work Pioneers choosing to create liveable lives for themselves in the corporate world, this is going to be a really valuable resource, showing them how not just to survive, but thrive.

Christine Livingston,

Coach and Author


You got your dream job…NOW WHAT? Read this book…follow the instructions inside, and you can take your dream job beyond your wildest dreams. With practical tips on how to be successful in the first 30 days at your dream job, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to take control of their career and make it great!

Phil Gerbyshak

Author of “10 Ways to Make it Great!”


As one who appreciates and celebrates ACCOMPLISHMENT in all its forms, I was excited to see Scot Herrick take one of the most critical accomplishments of any professional – landing a new job – and create an easy-to-understand formula for how to navigate the organizational perils of the first month… of any job, industry, profession, or level.  This guide should be a must read for anybody who is currently seeking employment or even considering it.  If you truly want to “seize the accomplishment” of your next career step, you need not look further than ‘I’ve Landed My Dream Job – Now What???”

Timothy Johnson

Chief Accomplishment Officer, Carpe Factum, Inc.
Author of “SWAT: Seize the Accomplishment”


Scot Herrick has written a book where the pages come alive to act as your personal coach, guide, and map to the first 30 days on the job. You will wake up from the dream and be able to do your best to make your dream job a reality by crafting working goals, cruising through administrivia, keeping the end in mind, dancing the meet and greet, and following the playbook for your team. And of course don’t forget, your manager is your most important customer! Study and read this book and you will prevent your dream job from becoming a working nightmare.

David Zinger, M.Ed.

Employee Engagement Expert
Founder of The Employee Engagement Network


The savvy Scot Herrick understands that a job seeker’s work isn’t done after she signs the offer letter.  I’ve Landed My Dream Job – Now What??? is essential reading for those who have triumphantly made it past unemployment and are determined not to find themselves back there again.

Alexandra Levit

Business/Workplace Author and Speaker
Author of “New Job, New You”


Scot Herrick provides savvy, practical and valuable advice to keep your
dream job from turning into a nightmare…

Anita Bruzzese

Author of “45 Things You Do To Drive Your Boss Crazy”
Nationally syndicated columnist on the workplace and award-winning journalist


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